First Post – What is this website all about, anyway??

I have been toying with many ideas on what to base this entire website’s blog around and I still have yet to land on a specific answer. I have been dabbling in stand-up comedy for the past 2 months and I have a lot of ideas that may translate well to blog posts or articles. I figure I could start there and hopefully find my way to a specific direction from there.

I am a heavily opinionated woman in regard to politics; however, I don’t want my website to be entirely political. Unlike other websites, I have no formal training or background in politics; I just pay attention. Additionally, politics tend to divide people and I’d like to unite. That said, I may have some political posts and I welcome any counter arguments as I am more interested in being right vs winning an argument.

I read. A lot. I love reading. I didn’t find out that I love reading until relatively recently. Whenever I told friends of family that I wasn’t a big reader, they’d give me fiction book recommendations. I would read part of them and then I’d put them down after reading 2 chapters because I found that I didn’t care about fictional stories. It wasn’t until I started reading personal memoirs that I realized that I was into reading. Then I started reading poli-sci books and self-improvement books that I just can’t put down once I start reading them. I’ll likely review those.

I, like many other people, are YouTube freaks. Because I’m human, I’ll likely share my favorites. To leave you without my favorite YouTube video would be just wrong on so many levels, so here it is!!


So as of today, April 5, 2016, this is the direction of my website. Who knows where it ‘ll go from here.



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