I am a stand-up comedian located in the Twin Cities, MN. I started doing stand-up in early 2016 and have been growing ever since.

I was born and raised in Minnesota and to-date I don’t have one joke about it. Maybe that means I’m a bad comedian? My comedy style is mostly clean, I stay away from vulgar language or situations but I do toe the line occasionally. I tell you stories about my eclectic dating history, have a few one-liners, and really enjoy making people laugh.

I am also an artist in my free time as well. My favorite medium is acrylic & canvas. Lately, my paintings are technically under copyright because I paint duplicates and interpretations of my favorite artist of all time, Anna Razumovskaya, but I will list them for sale and to view on my website until I get contacted to take them down. I’m not sure if it’s unethical or not, whatevs. It’s the internet.